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Montañas do Courel manifests the intimate relationship between the natural environment and the human being.

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The most outstanding value of the "Montañas do Courel" is the relationship between humanity and the Paleozoic. The common thread of this Geopark is the indissoluble union of humans with geology.

If between the 1st and 2nd centuries AD the Roman Empire had more than one hundred gold mining operations, it is thanks to the Paleozoic primary gold associated with quartz dikes and its subsequent erosion and concentration in the Neogene deposits, which, being eroded again, are concentrated in plio-quaternary terraces.

If in this territory we document a total of fifteen smithies from the Modern period, it is due to the existence of ferruginous levels and crusts of the Arenigiense roof and to the limonite found in the preluric karstification.

If it was possible to manufacture lime in the six ovens or "caleiras" distributed throughout the territory, it is thanks to the fact that, although exceptional in Galicia, in the Montañas do Courel we have three different calcareous formations, such as the Cambrian limestones of Cándana and Vegadeo and those of La Aquiana from the Upper Ordovician.

And of course the blackboard. Raw material for construction since the Neolithic and, until just a few years ago, the economic engine of the territory. Slates for roofs extracted fundamentally from the Soldón and Luarca formations, from the lower and middle Ordovician.

Transmitting the intimate relationship between the natural environment and the human being, manifested in the "Montañas do Courel" territory, is the axis of our proposal.


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