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Nature Classroom

Located in the heart of O Courel and at the beginning of the route that runs through the Devesa da Rogueira, it stands out for its biodiversity, housing 40% of the terrestrial vascular plants of Galicia, and for being the first Spanish forest certified by the Board of Directors Forestry (FSC for its acronym in English), brings us the values

environmental issues of the environment through its permanent exhibition and the explanations of the environmental educator staff who attend it. It is a meeting point and information on routes, permits and places of interest.

How to get?


Access to the Moreda do Courel classroom is through crossing Seoane do Courel in the direction of this town. Shortly before reaching the town, in the last of the pronounced curves that precede the entrance to it, a slightly more open space on the right hand side with a small parking space allows us to see the Classroom.


Courel's Moreda


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