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A Casa do Ferreiro

A short distance from the Castro de Vilar archaeological site, Juan Sánchez (Xan de Vilar) has been amassing a valuable set of tools and elements with their own peculiarities derived from agriculture, livestock and, in general, life in a mountainous rural environment.

Carts, pottery, yokes, carpenter's tools and saws, baskets, saddlebags, milk churns... are kept in this house-museum.

How to get?

museo xan de vilar 2.jpg

Access to the Moreda do Courel classroom is through crossing Seoane do Courel in the direction of this town. Shortly before reaching the town, in the last of the pronounced curves that precede the entrance to it, a slightly more open space on the right hand side with a small parking space allows us to see the Classroom.


Courel's Moreda


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