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Uxío Novoneyra House-Museum

The great poet born in Parada de Courel repeatedly returned home, where he spent long periods of time with friends and acquaintances. Today, restored, it preserves a rich documentary heritage guarded by the Uxío Novoneyra Foundation, which offers information and guided tours of the library and other rooms of the house.

How to get?


On the outskirts of San Clodio (Ribas de Sil), the CIMAR occupies the newly constructed building that presides over the entrance to the Xeocamping.

From Quiroga: LU-651 Seoane / Folgoso  Detour «Devesa da Rogueira».

From Pedrafita: (exit 432 from A6) LU-633  LU-651 O Caurel / Quiroga



Stop, 1, 27324, Lugo



Telephone: 696505894


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