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Caves Interpretation Center


How to get?

The center acts as an interpretive reference for the area, complementing the other existing ones linked to the Geopark. In this we will deal with the caves and their importance. For animals and for humans.

Located in the old and restored school of Meiraos, it is divided into two floors.

In the first we find the location of the main caves found in the territory. Why are they in some places and not in others?

Your occupation. Is there life in these damp, cold and lightless places? Who lives in them? Who lived?

Its shape Is everything you see a cave? Do we see the whole cave or is it the tip of the iceberg? 

The second floor is dedicated to the inhabitants of these caves and the uses that are given today.

Humans and cave bears. Did they share space? Did they live in isolation? What was a human-inhabited crow like?

Ethnography and tourism.  Canyoning. Are they compatible? 

To access the Center we can arrive from the north (by the road that leads from Piedrafita do Cebreiro to Quiroga), turning right shortly before reaching Seoane do Courel or from the south, taking the opposite direction from Quiroga to Pedrafita do Cebreiro. and turning off, this time  to the left, shortly after passing Seoane do Courel.


Meiraos s/n,  27324 Folgoso do Courel



Telephone: 982 43 30 01

Fax: 982 43 30 52


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