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Where we are?

The Courel Mountains UNESCO World Geopark is located in the province of Lugo (Galicia), between the geographical coordinates 42.715º N, 42.32º N and 7.023 W, 7.42 W. Los limits have been established according to the territory that has already collaborated in geotourism for several decades and is administratively attached to the Quiroga region, and integrated by three municipalities: Folgoso do Courel , Quiroga and Ribas de Sil .

The resident population is scarce and scattered (5,406 inhabitants; INE 2016) for a territory of 577.85 square km de surface.

There are two main access roads: the N 120 that crosses from west to east joining Ourense and Ponferrada and leaves us in Quiroga. The second in north-south direction, follows la NVI from Lugo to Ponferrada and, taking the direction to Foloo dodo5cf58d_detour in Pedragos do Courel.

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