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Scientific Station


How to get?

Situada en Seoane do Courel, la  estación  está adscrita a la  Universidade de Santiago de Compostela  e  integrated into its network of infrastructures to support research and technological development.



Its fundamental objectives are the following:

  1. Promote interdisciplinarity and cooperation between research groups by being conceived as a multidisciplinary center that will support research projects in different areas.

  2. Contribute to the rural development of the region through the development of applied research projects and the generation of a more accessible cultural environment.

  3. Enable better execution and greater scientific profitability of the  research projects carried out in the area.


In its 900 square meters, distributed over two floors and under cover, the ECC has a conference room (60 seats), teaching and research laboratories (16 and 8 seats respectively), living and work rooms as well as a residence for 8 researchers . The ground floor houses the classroom and general services, so it can be used independently for all kinds of events.

The ECC is equipped with computer equipment, internet connection and optical research material (microscopes and magnifying glasses).​

The Research Station is on the left at the entrance to Seoane do Courel if we access from Lugo and leaving the town on the right if we arrive from Quiroga.


Seoane do Courel, 27324 Lugo (Galicia)


Administration: 982 821 901
Address: 982 821 900

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