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Ethnographic Museum

The contents of the MEQ are related, on the one hand, to four typical products of the Geopark: wine, chestnuts, honey and oil; on the other, with four essential materials for the development of life in the environment: stone, iron, wood and fabrics. They also have their space, the field and the cattle, the main room of

the house (el lar), and the endearing unitary school of our villages. All the pieces in the extensive collection, recovered since 2007, come from the Montañas do Courel Geopark, in many cases thanks to neighborhood donations.

Museo etnografico Quiroga (1).jpg
Museo etnografico Quiroga4_peq.jpg

Currently the ethnographic collection of our Museum, made up of just over 1000 pieces, is one of the most complete and interesting ethnographic collections in Galicia.

All the contents present in this collection find their synthesis in the recreation of a traditional village in these mountains with the exhibition of the models that were decorated for the Galician animated film O Apóstolo, by “Artefacto Producciones”; where stone, wood, iron, etc., find their place to facilitate the life of the people of this hard but grateful land.

How to get?

The facilities of the Quiroga Municipal Ethnographic Museum are located on the ground floor of the Municipal Auditorium, on Rúa Real s/n. With its almost 600 square meters, it opened its doors on March 24, 2007, with the mission of recovering, bringing together and  protecting cultural heritage in all its facets. The facility is adapted for people with disabilities.

Information:    982428001 or 982435125 (Casa da Cultura).

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