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geological museum

A necessary visit to get to know the rich and varied Geological Heritage of the Courel Mountains. The Quiroga Geological Museum includes the most representative geological contents of the environment, ordered from the oldest to the most modern, in five thematic rooms:

  • the formation of the territory, its rocks and its minerals

  • the fossil record

  • climatic changes of the Quaternary

  • the first human occupations

  • old and recent mining.

How to get?

 The room of human occupations, completed in 2020,  shows a simple and general vision of the evolution of hominids, always under review and scientific debate, from our African ancestors to the current Homo sapiens.

The  Paleolithic stone tools discovered in Gándara Cha, in the parish of A Ermida, just 2 kilometers from the Geological Museum, place the Montañas do Courel Geopark on the map of the Prehistory of Galicia, in one of the probable main migration lines that followed the Sil river valley.

From the north of the Courel Mountains, in the Concello de Pedrafita do Cebreiro, come the human fossil remains of what is known as Elba, the Courel shepherdess, who traveled these mountains about 9,500 years ago. Their study, led by the University Institute of Geology of the University of Coruña, allowed us to discover what Elba was really like, through a reconstruction based on its genetic code, preserved in the DNA of its bones.


Rua do Courel, 21, 273320 Quiroga. 


982435125 (House of Culture)

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